Ever Say You'd Rather be Fishing?

Experience New Orleans Fishing on a Charter with Captain Ryan Vincent!

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I bring on my trip?
Sunscreen, bug spray, hat, comfortable clothes and shoes, sunglasses, rain gear, food, drinks, camera. Bring an ice chest for the fish you take home. Also, a fishing license is necessary. Licenses (including out of state) are available online. See information below.
How many people can we bring?
Capt. Ryan will accommodate up to 5 anglers. This is to ensure enough room on the boat for your group.
Should I bring food or drinks?
Pack lunch or a few snacks and plenty of liquids. Alcohol is permitted.
How long do the trips last?
The typical day starts just before sunrise and ends with the cleaning of the fish in the afternoon. There is no set time to be back. Your satisfaction is the main priority, and Capt. Ryan will spend the time with you to have a great day.
Do you supply tackle?
All fishing gear is provided. Of course, many people like to bring their favorite fishing poles. You are certainly welcome to bring anything you wish. Capt. Ryan supplies light tackle rods and reels for the day of fishing, as well as a large assortment of artificial bait and live bait when available.
What kind of boat will we use?
Captain Ryan uses a 24’ Champion Bay Boat so you and your guests will have a smooth, comfortable ride. For more info on the boat, click here.
What time should we arrive at the boat?
Capt. Ryan will let you know the ideal time to arrive, which is usually within an hour of sunrise. Special arrangements can be made for time adjustments if needed. Afternoon fishing trips can also be scheduled for those who like to duck out of the office after lunch.
Do we need fishing licenses?
Yes, you must have a license from the Louisiana Department of Wildlife & Fisheries. Click here to buy a license.
Do you guarantee fish?
Sometimes conditions can affect the success of the fishing, so it's impossible to guarantee a certain outcome. If the fishing is not up to par, Capt. Ryan offers reduced rates. Additionally, Capt. Ryan monitors the weather forecasts daily. If the weather looks to be questionable, he will give you advanced notice so you can decide whether or not to reschedule. However, if Capt. Ryan feels like the weather could create safety issues, he will cancel the trip.
What type of fishing will we be doing?
You will be fishing with light tackle rods and reels in the marshes and near coastal waters of southern Louisiana that are prime for speckled trout and redfish. These are the targeted species, although many other types of fish share the same habitat and enjoy the same meals. Some of the other tasty fish that often find our baits include flounder, black drum, sheepshead, snapper, grouper, and even bass. Some fish we will not keep due to their lack of table fare, such as catfish, sting rays, pinfish, and lady fish. Let Capt. Ryan know if you have a strong interest in a certain species so that he can adjust his gameplan.
Where do you fish?
Your port will be Shell Beach, Louisiana. It is on the border of some of the finest fishing in the world. Shell Beach has easy access to the Biloxi Marsh, Breton Sound, Chandelier Sound, Hopedale, Reggio, and Delacroix. The time of year and weather pattern will dictate where we will go.
Do you fish with children?
Children are certainly welcome. People of all ages can enjoy a day of fishing.
What can I expect to pay for a private charter and what's included?
All tackle is provided (of course you can bring any gear that you wish), boat, gasoline, live and artificial bait, ice, life jackets, fish cleaned and bagged. There are no additional charges. Everything is included that you will need to enjoy a memorable day with Captain Ryan Vincent of Inshorance Charters. Click here for our rates.